Best Kirloskar Compressor Parts

Compressors are used in a myriad of industries for cooling applications. As the name suggests, they compress or increase the pressure of refrigerants (compressible gases) to cool the surrounding air. Let’s shed some light on Kirloskar compressor parts, one of the most sought-after HVAC compressors in the market.

Many industries including the automotive, agricultural, woodworking and breweries require compressors to run their operations. Not to mention, residential properties too rely on HVAC compressors to keep the desired temperature.

In particular, industries rely on optimal functioning of compressors to prevent any downtime. Therefore, it is important to schedule timely check-up and maintenance to spot issues beforehand and order backup compressor parts – just in case.

Even if you do experience failure of a certain compressor part, global manufacturers such as JEC can deliver it to your doorstep within 24 hours, depending on your location.

What Are the Different Kirloskar Compressor Parts?

There are several Kirloskar compressor parts that you can get from JEC. However, we’re going to name just a few to give you an idea. All standard new guaranteed parts are available at discounted price at JEC.

The major Kirloskar compressor parts include Crankshaft, Bearing Bush, Connecting Rod Assembly, C.R. Bearings, Oil Pump, Cylinder, Piston Rings, Seal Assembly, etc.
Parts that are available from ready stock are: Valve Plates, Springs, etc

Why Are Kirloskar Compressor Parts Superior?

Kirloskar compressor parts are designed from advanced technology and latest tools that meet every international norm on quality. They come in various sizes, dimensions, shapes, and thickness, making them ideal for all types of HVAC systems employed in different applications.

Besides, Kirloskar compressor parts go through several stages of quality checks to ensure the best quality in the industry. What makes these compressor parts better are their key features such as durability, easy installation, rust-resistant, rust-proof, temperature resistance, and sturdiness.




KCX 2, KCX 3, KCX 4, KCX 6

KC (Single & Double Stage)

KC 2, KC 3/21, KC4/ KC31/ ,KC 6/,KC 51/, KC 9/KC 12

AC 70/80

All Models From Cylinder To  16 Cylinder


PC 2, PC 4, PC 6


FK3, FK 4, FK 5

Where can you get them?

JEC is a leading manufacturer of premium quality Kirloskar compressor parts and has been designing and exporting compressors for over 35 years now.

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JEC is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of re-conditioned compressors and refrigeration compressor parts.

They have earned a reputation for making zero-defect Kirloskar compressor parts using their state-of-the-art VMC, CNC machines on CAM and CAD programs.

JEC ships to over 25 countries, including Germany, the United States, Singapore, Egypt, Argentina, UK, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, UAE, and many others.

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piston for compressor parts

Aluminum Piston

We produce Pistons in our state of art foundry using LM-13 aluminum alloy, T5 heat treatment is done to get better grain structure and lesser wear resistance and low linear thermal expansion. Surface treatment of casting is done before machining for better aesthetics. Our machine works are equipped latest CNC AND VMC machines, CAD and CAM programs are used to make perfect co ordinates in the product. Stringent inspection by trained staff members ascertains removal of any defective component to be packed. Packing is done in dust free zone for best cleanliness.

compressor parts for all compressors

Cylinder Liner

High Grade Shell Cast & Centrifugal Cast CI
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Honing in Bore
Hydraulic OD Grinding
Induction Hardened seat

compressor parts for all compressors


High Grade Shell Cast CI
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic OD Grinding

valve plate compressor part

Valve Plate

High Grade Shell Cast CI
VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Induction Hardened seat

valve for refrigeration compressor

Discharge Valve Guide

High Grade Shell Cast CI, Investment Casting, En-8 Material
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Precise Lapping

valve for refrigeration compressor

Valve Seat Suction & Discharge

En-8, Material
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Induction Hardened seat


Valve Ring & Sinusoidal Springs

Hardened , tempered precision strip steel
Material Sandvik 20C


Shaft Seal Carbon Type

Moc O Rings HNBR
Carbon Rings : Antimony Metallic MY10K Grade
Seal are MICRO half band lapped

spares for compressors

Metal Bellow Seals

Formed Metal Bellow SS315 fitted with Antimony
High Grade Metallic carbon

Formed Metal Bellow SS315 fitted with Antimony High Grade Metallic carbon

CRANKSHAFTS for compressor


High Grade S.G iron
Dynamic balanced,
Heat Treated and machined on CNC Automated machine to give precision tolerance