How Grasso ammonia compressor is highly reliable

How Grasso ammonia compressor is highly reliable

When it comes to Grasso screw compressors, they are known for well-acceptability for several cooling and aircon era applications. And even its costing entirely depends on electricity performance, reliability, price performance, and sustainability.             

Overall, it gives a perfect refrigeration potential towards a decrease in funding. The velocity boom presents customers with a full-size boom in potential. Because of the proportional correlation of compressor velocity, swept extent, and ensuing potential, 25 % greater potential can now be received using identical models. That returns a full-size improvement (reduction) of the relative rate as Kilowatts in line with the Euro. Alternatively, customers with a specific, constant potential requirement can enjoy the better speeds with the aid of letting them obtain the potential needs with smaller compressor devices which means much less funding and much fewer carrier costs. Moreover, Compressors at better speeds provide full-size financial savings potential in your Total Cost of Ownership, decreased footprint, and CO2 emissions.

Technical features

  • Increased capacity. offering extra capacity, decreasing funding costs
  • Extended velocity variety as much as 1,500 rpm
  • Reduced footprint, the usage of smaller compressors at better velocity
  • Environment-friendly, 0 GWP (Global Warming Potential) because of distinct use of the herbal refrigerant NH₃ (ammonia)

The packaging solution

The GEA Grasso V collection programs may be divided into single and two-stage. The single-stage reciprocating compressor programs of the GEA Grasso V collection consist of 7 sizes in V-belt, in addition to direct pressure execution in an ability that varies from one hundred fifty to 900 kW. The -degree reciprocating compressor programs consist of 7 sizes in V-belt, in addition to direct pressure execution in an ability variety from 50 to three hundred kW. For the -degree reciprocating compressor programs, excessive green, and compact inter-degree coolers are available.


Special Features

The latest designed compressor with a computerised indication of the specified carrier periods by way of the progressive GEA Maintenance Monitor is properly obtained with the help of using the marketplace as “the selection for the future”. Due to the acute low oil carryover, the oil separator is regularly overlooked to secure fees and engine room space.



Flexible and prolonged preservation periods

Lowest feasible strolling cost

Extreme low oil carry-over

For inflexible or spring-damper mounting

Latest V belt technology

SHA/SG with condensing units

With the modern-day collection of units, GEA gives you a complete variety from 6, four to 146, nine m³/displacement. The said overall performance information is primarily based totally on 20°C (25°C) suction gas temperature with liquid subcooling at 60 Hz.


GEA Grasso 5HP series

Reciprocating compressors: The fine preference to lessen your electricity expenses Freezing applications. The extraordinarily low extent with the drift about the cooling potential makes this collection a large performer.




 With close to 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing after market zero-defect industrial refrigeration compressor parts and reconditioned compressors, Jyoti Engineering Combine is a global leader in providing energy-efficient, customer centric solutions that meet every unique compressor requirement. We assess the needs of our clients and help them choose the best product. We also provide repair & maintenance of refrigeration compressor.


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piston for compressor parts

Aluminum Piston

We produce Pistons in our state of art foundry using LM-13 aluminum alloy, T5 heat treatment is done to get better grain structure and lesser wear resistance and low linear thermal expansion. Surface treatment of casting is done before machining for better aesthetics. Our machine works are equipped latest CNC AND VMC machines, CAD and CAM programs are used to make perfect co ordinates in the product. Stringent inspection by trained staff members ascertains removal of any defective component to be packed. Packing is done in dust free zone for best cleanliness.

compressor parts for all compressors

Cylinder Liner

High Grade Shell Cast & Centrifugal Cast CI
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Honing in Bore
Hydraulic OD Grinding
Induction Hardened seat

compressor parts for all compressors


High Grade Shell Cast CI
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic OD Grinding

valve plate compressor part

Valve Plate

High Grade Shell Cast CI
VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Induction Hardened seat

valve for refrigeration compressor

Discharge Valve Guide

High Grade Shell Cast CI, Investment Casting, En-8 Material
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Precise Lapping

valve for refrigeration compressor

Valve Seat Suction & Discharge

En-8, Material
CNC – VMC Machining
Hydraulic Surface Grinding
Induction Hardened seat


Valve Ring & Sinusoidal Springs

Hardened , tempered precision strip steel
Material Sandvik 20C


Shaft Seal Carbon Type

Moc O Rings HNBR
Carbon Rings : Antimony Metallic MY10K Grade
Seal are MICRO half band lapped

spares for compressors

Metal Bellow Seals

Formed Metal Bellow SS315 fitted with Antimony
High Grade Metallic carbon

Formed Metal Bellow SS315 fitted with Antimony High Grade Metallic carbon

CRANKSHAFTS for compressor


High Grade S.G iron
Dynamic balanced,
Heat Treated and machined on CNC Automated machine to give precision tolerance