Best Mycom Screw Type Refrigeration Compressors

J / FM / SCV / UD-G / GH

Jyoti Engineering Combine has been deeply committed to the refrigeration industry for more than 80 years. During this time we have developed high quality, easy to handle and cost-effective thermal technology. Mayekawa offers a comprehensive range of compressors with hundreds of models developed in response to the variety of applications required in refrigeration. New gas compressors have been developed for the specific needs of gas compression systems based on our experience in applications including helium, hydrogen, water vapor, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide( not including oxygen and acetylene). We never cease building on our experience with research and development to constantly improve our compressor products.

Jyoti Engineering Combine has devoted more than eight decades to the refrigeration industry. We have developed high-quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective thermal technology during this time period. Mayekawa offers a vast selection of compressors with hundreds of models developed in response to the wide diversity of refrigeration applications.


A long-selling, high-performance series suitable for a variety of applications

  • SCV models span a wide displacement range, from 415 to 4740m3/h*1 (244 to 2740CFM*2) and are available in 13 models.*1 At 2950 rpm and *2 at 3550 rpm.

  • Variable vi mechanism (from 2.63 to 5.80 range) to handle broad temperature range effectively

  • Operates over a broad temperature range and is used in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Natural (ammonia, propane) and fluorocarbon refrigerants are compatible.

  • Proven 4:6 rotor configuration

UD-G Series

A screw compressor capable of handling a variety of refrigerants and spanning both the small and large capacity categories.

  • Operates over a broad temperature range

  • serves refrigeration and chilling applications in the industrial sector.

  • capable of functioning as a supplemental compressor.

  • With a proven 4:6 rotor configuration, the UD/G series provides clients with optimal performance.


Manual_01: Download the user manual for the 01 cooler.


Manual_02: Download the user manual for the 02 heater.