Revitalize with Confidence: JEC’s Remanufactured Bitzer Compressors

In all practical respects, the term “remanufactured” indicates that the compressor has been completely remanufactured to satisfy the standards of a new instrument. In addition to cleaning and replacing old components with new ones — bringing all mechanical tolerances of our Bitzer Open Type Refrigeration Compressors up to date — these remanufactured compressors can be upgraded with new technology to improve their energy efficiency, performance, and durability.

Currently, we remanufacture several models of Bitzer Open Type Refrigeration Compressors, including 0…VIIl, 2N-T, 4J..6F, and 4N-T, in our specialized facility. JEC’s remanufacturing process is characterized by its complexity, designed to meet the evolving challenges of modern refrigeration applications.

Our Process for Remanufacturing Compressors

Our remanufacturing process has become intricate due to the increasing challenges of refrigeration applications. Consequently, the compressors that we remanufacture at JEC undergo a rigorous and comprehensive remanufacturing process, which ensures that all of our units are delivered to customers in “as good as new” condition.

Our unique and thorough remanufacturing method includes some of the following steps:

  • The refrigerant or refrigerant-oil mixture is extracted and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • The compressor is then disassembled down to the casting. Each casting is examined for obvious flaws and fractures. Good condition castings are sent for cleansing and de-rusting to bare metal.
  • Visual inspection of the crankcase’s gasket surfaces, and threaded openings is performed.
  • Critical Bitzer Open Type refrigeration compressor components, such as bearings, inserts, seals, piston rings, and vacuum and discharge valves, are discarded and replaced as necessary.
  • The valve plates are either replaced or reground to ensure proper valve engagement. In addition, all valve plates are reassembled with new springs and reeds.
  • The crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, and liners are polished to a gleaming sheen and inspected to ensure that they conform to the current tolerances. If a component does not conform to the specified tolerances, it is discarded and replaced.

Using product data documents, our technicians determine the appropriate tolerances, torques, and operating specifications for each compressor during the remanufacturing process. In addition, our quality control procedures cover every aspect of the remanufacturing procedure.

What distinguishes JEC is its dedication to quality, as proven by certification from prestigious organizations such as ICRA, ISO 9001:2015, and UGAC. JEC stands out as the ideal choice for remanufactured Bitzer Open Type refrigeration compressors due to our commitment to excellence.

To learn more about JEC’s exceptional remanufactured Bitzer Open Type refrigeration compressor, it is simple to reach out to the company. Simply dial +91 98210 20375 or +91 22 675 86605/06/07 to reach their knowledgeable customer service representatives. If you prefer written correspondence, you can also submit an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. The prompt and receptive staff at JEC will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries or orders.

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