4 FAQs About AC Compressors Answered!

4 FAQs About AC Compressors Answered!

With 35+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing aftermarket compressor parts of industrial refrigeration and reconditioned compressor parts, we have been asked a lot of questions about AC compressors.

And, being the global leader in providing energy-efficient, customer-centric solutions, we answer them all at once here, as we understand client queries. When you work on residential or commercial air conditioning units, you will always find that compressor issues are bizarre and can affect the entire unit.

For Us, A Well-Informed Client is the Happiest One.

Here are the 4 frequently asked questions about AC compressors solved by our professional experts who are well-versed with the related terminology and the entire working. Let’s look into closely –

FAQ 1 – What is the Role of an AC Compressor?

This is one of the most common questions that we get from our clients! The role of an Refurbished AC compressors is the most important, the entire system is dependent on it. And, when it comes to the big industrial or commercial AC system, this is the one thing that should be of premium quality, durable, and the most maintained.

It is impossible for the entire system to generate cool air. It is because the AC compressor is responsible for compressing refrigerant as it enters the unit. The refrigerant is then heated and emits a gas that is then further put forward in the cooling process.


FAQ 2 – If the Compressor Fails, Then I’ve to Change the Entire System?

An AC compressor is just an important part of the entire refrigeration, so it is important that you maintain it, and if you find any fault or failure, then you can always get it replaced. At Jyoti Engineering Combine, we keep about 8000+ compressor parts ready, so you can get them on instant orders too. Plus, no need to entirely replace it, when you can get refurbished compressors or reconditioned compressors at JEC.

This is a cost-effective option in the long run. The compressors are fabricated adhering to OEM standards. Else, you can contact us for further clarification and also get it all on your budget and we will advise you!

FAQ 3 – Are there Different Kinds of Compressors?

We are an active leader in zero-defect compressor parts and reconditioned compressors. We excel in empowering refrigeration, air conditioning, marine, and other industries

compressor spares all over the world. We are a part of almost 70% of exports. There are different types of compressors that we deal in, they vary by type and also their working. For instance, a marine compressor will be entirely different from a Refrigeration compressor parts.

We have the following –

  • Cold room and cold storage industries.
  • Milk dairy, beverages plant compressors.
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration controls.
  • Commercial air conditioning/ marine compressors/ transport compressors.
  • Custom-made compressors that are tailored according to your needs.

FAQ 4 – How Can I Know if the Compressor is Broken?

As we already know, the compressor is the heart of the entire system! If the heart stops pumping blood, the entire body goes down, and it is similar in the AC compressor case. When the compressor breaks down, it is an expensive fix that might even force you to change the entire system. But, to avoid this, you can pay close attention to the following symptoms that are common –

  • The compressor doesn’t turn on, no matter what you do.
  • The system is blowing warm air.
  • There is terrible vibration or shaking when the system starts working.
  • Strange noises from the condensing unit.
  • The system keeps stumbling circuit breakers.

These are the symptoms that you can focus on, and if you find the same within your system, it is time to change it or to get it refurbished.

The following were a few frequently asked questions that hopefully solves your issues, and kept you informed. We have achieved the heights for adhering to the premium quality and in response to the constantly changing needs of our clients, we are also constantly updating the technology.

For more information, contact us.

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