Grab the Perfect Spare Parts for Your Semi-Hermetic Compressor

A semi-hermetic compressor is known for its serviceability as the top cover is bolted and this bolted construction helps diagnose problems in no time with much ease, unlike a hermetic compressor which has a welded steel shell.

Having the right compressor spare parts is a good move that saves you palpable time, effort, and money and stops you from relying on service men for on-site maintenance of your compressor.

A handful of compressor parts like bearings, piston rings, valve plates, and unloaders are a must to keep but it begs the question of where can you access and buy the spare parts of semi-hermetic compressors.

Purchasing compressor spare parts from an Original Equipment Manufacturer

Buying the spare parts from an OEM or its trusted affiliation might seem like the right choice but it comes with a catch as compressor manufacturers have stringent policies and it’s just another robust practice by the brand to influence and get a hold of owners maintenance practices and keeping the market price high.

The smart way to tackle this is by rationally comparing the options as you do before any major hefty purchase.

While some brands do have stringent service network measures, you can find a few who are flexible with their policies and grab a good deal. However, often the process of finding a flexible OEM-affiliated wholesaler for compressor spare parts is a tedious task that can save money but burn a good chunk of your time and effort.

Buying spare parts from a credible compressor remanufacturer

A place where trusted commercial compressors are remanufactured is a goldmine for someone who’s in constant search of spare parts.

As the entire process includes steps such as disassembling, cleaning out, rebuilding, and testing out, each and every spare part of a compressor is thoroughly checked and put into.

The testing process reassures that each component passes a quality threshold to maintain the quality and efficiency of the remanufactured compressors. Although, the catch is remanufacturing compressors does not guarantee that all the parts are 100% OEM verified.

A compressor remanufacturer with a quality industry network and healthy relationships will be able to save you up to 50% in the case of compressors and up to 70% in the case of spare parts.


It’s a common thought that new compressors don’t need spare parts as they are not going to wreck very soon. However, compressors like any other mechanical instrument need frequent and regular maintenance, and having a handful of compressor spare parts will be of great help to you.

At Jyoti Engineering Combine (JEC), we offer you zero-defect parts and reconditioned compressors from major brands as we have over 36 years of experience in designing and manufacturing after-market zero-effect industrial refrigeration compressor parts and reconditioned compressors.  At JEC, we have shipped more than 10 million spare parts and have an impressive 70% market share in exporting worldwide. To reach out to us dial +91 98210 20375 or +91 22 675 86605/06/07. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or [email protected] or fill out the form on the website.

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