Semi hermetic & hermetic compressor

How Semi-hermetic Compressor Differs from the Hermetic Compressor

Compressors are rightly called the heart of HVAC systems. They ensure that you continue to receive cool air in scorching summers. Whether you’re an individual or an entrepreneur running a business, you need to be aware of the importance and types of compressors so that you get the best return on your investment.

The two types of compressors we will discuss in this blog post are:

  • Semi-hermetic compressor
  • Hermetic compressor

Let’s begin with the significance of compressors first:

Role of Compressors in HVAC Systems

Like we mentioned earlier, you can think of a compressor as the heart that pumps the refrigerant between condenser coils and evaporator. You need a compressor to keep your refrigeration system alive and running.

In a split-system, the compressor cools the hot air over an evaporator coil (set of cold pipes). A liquid refrigerant is responsible for keeping the evaporator coil cool. The hot air, now converted into gas is transported to the condenser coil by the compressor where it becomes a liquid.

Therefore, without the compressor, there would be no gas to liquid conversion inside the refrigeration system. All commercial compressors come with a warranty. However, they still need timely maintenance to extend the lifespan.

This brings us to the type of compressors.

Classification of Compressors

This classification of compressors is based on the way the compressor is installed along with the motor.

Listed below are the primary three types:

  • Hermetic compressor: If the electric motor and the compressor are housed in one sealed chamber, it’s a hermetic compressor.
  • Semi-hermetic compressor: In this type of compressor, the electric motor and the compressor are housed in the same chamber. However, this chamber is not sealed but fastened by screws. When necessary, this housing chamber can be opened anytime to repair a broken part.
  • Open compressor: The compressor and the electric motor are not put together in this type of compressor.

For this post, we will keep our discussion limited to semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors.

Hence, one of the main aspects where semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors differ is the installation. In the next section, we discuss other criteria that differentiate both types.

Difference Between Hermetic and Semi-hermetic Compressors

Listed below are other major factors that differentiate a semi-hermetic compressor from its hermetic counterpart:

1. Application

The common applications of hermetic compressors are residential air conditioners and air conditioning systems in light commercial spaces. At times, their capacity can be up to 7.5 tonnes or maybe 10 tonnes but the latter is not used quite often.

On the other hand, you may find semi-hermetic compressors as big as Volkswagen engines depending on where they are being used (supermarket refrigeration, for example). Semi-hermetic compressors have a larger capacity.

2. Maintenance

When they malfunction, you have to replace hermetic compressors. Since the chamber, housing the motor and the compressor, is sealed, it cannot be opened for regular maintenance.

This is where the semi-hermetic compressor stands out. Most compressor parts in these types of compressors are repairable making them more economical compared to their hermetic counterparts.  

However, most commercial entities prefer sending their semi-hermetic compressors to the manufacturer and have a refurbished version delivered back to them. If you’re looking for refurbished compressors or compressor parts, JEC can ship them to you within 24 hours!

3. Leaks

Buying a hermetic compressor has its own advantages – extremely low probability of refrigerant leakage is one of them. This probability increases in semi-hermetic and open compressors.

4. Cost

It’s safe to say that semi-hermetic compressors are more expensive than hermetic ones considering the HVAC equipment that they are installed in are also complex and expensive. That said, the comparison isn’t really fair because both are very different products and have different applications.

Buy Hermetic or Semi-Hermetic Compressor Parts

After all this talk, one question may naturally arise in your mind and that is – where can I buy industry-standard compressor parts?

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