Know About The Repair And Maintenance Of Air Compressors

Know About The Repair And Maintenance Of Air Compressors

Starting up an old compressor is a complex task! And lots of people then prefer to switch to a new compressor. But, that shouldn’t be the case, you shouldn’t give up on a compressor just because it is old. Instead, you can choose ‘The repair and maintenance of your old compressor’. 

Due to the high stakes at play, commercial air compressor maintenance has become an industry in itself, just like we at Jyoti Engineering Combine do it. So, when you think, your compressor has a minor problem that can easily be aimed at, then it is when you have to just go for the repair and maintenance service. 

Air compressor maintenance involves a set of practices that need to be carried out to bring the old compressor back in shape. We advise you to pay attention to the compressor working, whether you operate one compressor or several, you should routinely inspect every element or component. Failure can result in a lot of costing, while if you inspect the issue at the right time, you can go for the maintenance services with Jyoti Engineering Combine. 

So, what comes under the repair and maintenance of the old compressor?

  1. Removing the air compressor air belt:

We inspect each and every component, and we cannot miss out on the belt of the air compressor when it comes to repairing or maintaining it. Installing a new belt on your air compressor begins with –

  • We will open up the cage in which the belt is stored. 
  • If we find that the belt has worn out, then we replace it by firmly pulling it out and put up a new belt over the same. Followed by, screwing the cage again. 
  1. Replacing the air filters:

During the entire course, the air compressor filter traps a lot of dust, dirt or junk. And, this is the reason why, when it comes to maintaining a compressor, one should always check its air filter. The filter is designed to bear a heavy load, and also without it, the dust and other junk particles might enter the system and degrade the performance of other parts. 

So, when a compressor comes with a degraded filter, we immediately remove it with a new one so that the system can work smoothly. 

  1. Changing the oil:

Yes, we know not all compressors use oil, but the one who does need an oil change. The oil requires it to be fresh and full to allow various engine parts to move smoothly. Proper lubrication is required for the entire system to go on. At Jyoti Engineering Combine, after we are done with the replacement and repair, we change the oil with new fresh oil. 

When to repair and when to replace a compressor?

Before choosing what to do with your existing compressor, it is wise and advised that you check the system thoroughly. Look out for the breakdown, and bifurcate things that can be repaired and that can be replaced. 

Yes, the new compressor might seem best, but they carry a hefty price tag with them. Instead go for the refurbished ones, so that you can save cost and increase the reliability and efficiency of the compressor. 

This was all about ‘Repair and maintenance of the old compressor’! Jyoti Engineering Combine deals with big plant Ammonia compressor parts which are ammonia and freon based, and our compressors or compressor parts are majorly provided in major industries like petrochemical and marine, and even cold storage. Feel free to contact us for a service of your choice. 

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