Know Everything About Crankshaft Grinding

Know Everything About Crankshaft Grinding

The crankshaft is the most important part of a compressor. It is connected to an electric motor on one side and the other side it has connecting rods which then are connected to a piston. Because of the rotary motion of the crankshaft, the piston can perform the reciprocating motion inside the cylinder. Everything and anything inside the compressor depends on the movement and motions of each and every part. 

The electric motor helps to bring that rotation of the crankshaft that is then transferred to the piston. So, here we are going to discuss about the crankshaft grinding, which is –

Crankshaft grinding is a process of removing material from the main journals and rod journals in a dire effort to refurbish and replace it with a new one. It is the most important process for the smooth functioning of the compressor.

It increases the performance and the working of the compressor triple folds! We here at Jyoti Engineering Combine have a skilled team of professional experts that masters at grinding and Remanufacturing compressors crankshafts. The crankshaft’s grinding is done to rebuild the part back to the OEM standards and specifications. 

The process is intensive and takes time, but we pay major attention to it as it is critical for the complete compressor refurbish. 

Why is crankshaft grinding important and one should always carry it out?

The prime reason for this is crankshaft wears off with time. When the fit between the crankshaft and the bearings loosen up or are not perfect, the entire procedure of the compressor goes down. 

How Jyoti Engineering Combine takes care of this! 

We make sure once your compressor is here with us for refurbish or to be remanufactured, it is our sole responsibility to take care of every compressor part. 

What we do in the rebuild process –

During the refurbishing process, we look closely into the crankshaft and determine whether it is worn off or not. ‘The more the crankshaft is good, the longer life, the compressor has’. There are several reasons why we have to do the machining –

  • If the surface of the main journal and the rod journal has worn out. 
  • If the journals are out of the fitting. 
  • If the journal is not square, i.e., the same diameter at both ends of the pin. 
  • Has entirely worn out and the bearings have gone wrong. 
  • If the crankshaft is bent, it will not function correctly. It can be due to constant pressure within the compressor.
  • When the rust begins to cover the entire crankshaft. 
  • If the crankshaft is jammed at either of its ends. 
  • If the crankshaft undergoes any malfunction, it includes strange behaviors like vibrations, moves too fast, or too slow or inconsistently. 

At JEC, the crankshaft then undergoes a lengthy process to tame the issue and to give you a compressor that is as good as NEW! 

We excel in –

  1. We empower refrigeration conditioning, marine, and other Industrial refrigeration compressor parts all over the world. We are catering to over 70% of exports. 
  2. We have over 8000 spare parts ready to cater to your urgent or immediate requirements. So, if you come with a crankshaft issue, we are ready to serve you in no time. 
  3. We promise unconditional guarantee on dimensions, materials, and finishing. And, provide superior quality compressors at an economical price.

Crankshaft grinding is a critical process and it requires the eye of an eagle to tame the right issue, and we, Jyoti Engineering Combine have over 3 decades of experience and goodwill in aftermarket genuine replacement parts and refurbished compressors, and also in cleaning and polishing the parts to perfection. 

If we are the right fit for your industry needs, contact us! From cylinder honing to crankshaft grinding, we provide all the services that encompass compressors for every industry.

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