Pros of Having Ammonia as Refrigerant

Ammonia refrigeration is one of the oldest yet the most effective refrigeration that is still in function in primary commercial use. People are unaware of the fact that not just food and drinks, it is used commercially everywhere where the need for keeping cool arises. And, what keeps it cold is – Ammonia refrigeration!

Ammonia refrigeration being the most reliable, efficient refrigerant, safe, and the one with most utility, was first used in France starting in 1850, and then it later got spread in the US. Looking back to the yesteryears, ammonia was commonly used in air conditioning units. But, now it is widely used for cold storage of food and in many industries use it as a refrigerant for compressors.

What is the Role of Ammonia Refrigeration in Refrigeration System?

As the name implies, this refrigeration system uses ammonia as a refrigerant. The concentrated ammonia is much cooler than typical room temperature, and this is why it is majorly used to keep things cool. It absorbs the heat and dissipates it to another area. It is thus helping with faster cooling and more relaxed working. Also, many people use Freon in their system for a similar purpose.

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Jyoti Engineering Combine deals in significant plant compressor parts which are ammonia and freon based for not only cold room storage compressors but also for companies like petrochemical and marine industries.

Get Closer to the Working of An Ammonia Based Refrigeration System that Includes Compressors as the Main Part!

There are several components that are required to keep the refrigeration system intact and smoothly working. If any ‘one’ of the components goes missing, it jeopardizes the entire cycle.

A compressor is an essential part after the condenser, expansion device, and an evaporator. The compressor is one such thing that is used in many things, and ammonia helps it for a smooth function – For instance, it is used in marine for compressing air or any fluid to reduce its volume. With compressors, it becomes easy for the pressure and temperature to be maintained.

Advantages to Ammonia Refrigeration

  1. Less Expensive: Ammonia-based compressor is less expensive than other compressors and also more effective. This type of compressor approximately cost 10-20% less.
  2. Efficient: These compressors are efficient workers, as they lower the electricity bills and also are environmentally friendly than others.
  3. Affordable: Ammonia is significantly cheaper to get and also use than the other refrigerants as they make the entire system smooth.

Jyoti Engineering Combine deals with big plant compressor parts which are ammonia and freon based, and we deal majorly in industries like petrochemical and marine, and even cold storage. You can contact us for a service of your choice and you can also view our entire product range including zero-defect compressor parts and reconditioned compressor parts. We are a global leader in providing energy-efficient, customer-centric solutions that meet every unique compressor requirements.

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