Using Remanufactured Compressors Reduces Downtime

Save Billions: Avoid Business Downtime by Investing in Remanufactured Commercial Compressors

A remanufactured commercial compressor is a type of compressor that is refurbished and resold by OEM-affiliated manufacturers. It is used in a variety of industries, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, and food processing. There are many types of compressors, but they all have one thing in common: they all have to be replaced eventually.

It’s not uncommon for a business to be affected by downtime due to faulty compressors. In order to keep your business afloat and running, you’re going to need a solution for this downtime. That’s where remanufactured commercial compressors come in.

Let’s understand the significance of remanufactured compressors in preventing downtime with the help of three case studies.

Case study 1: Compressors run the food processing industry

The importance of compressors in the food processing industry cannot be overstated. Not only do they help maintain the quality of processed food, but they also provide a safe way to transport and preserve food so that it can be used later.

Just like any other industry, the food processing and transportation industry cannot afford downtime. In the event that your current compressor fails to operate for some reason, it can lead to food spoilage, millions and billions of dollars in lost revenue, and the risk of compromising the consumers’ health.

Hence, it’s crucial that you always have refurbished refrigeration compressors and remanufactured commercial compressor parts ready for backup. Even though most compressors last for over a decade, you don’t want to risk your business operation if for some reason (which is likely caused due to external reasons) your compressor(s) stop working.

Case study 2: Compressors keep the offices cool

Compressors are an important part of any office cooling system. They’re used to regulate the flow of air into the system and keep the room at a comfortable temperature. In the event that your current compressors fail to maintain a cool climate, it can have a detrimental effect on your workforce.

Moreover, ventilation issues in your workplace can contribute to absenteeism. You must have remanufactured commercial compressors and compressor parts ready to replace the existing machine or its parts during such an event. You can get them at a fraction of what a brand new compressor would cost and yet achieve the same performance.

Case study 3: Compressors keep your customers comfortable

This is crucial for businesses that rely on foot traffic. It could be restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, burger joints, supermarkets, etc. If you fail to keep your business premises at a comfortable temperature, people will stop visiting. To avoid downtime and prolonged outage, it’s crucial to have remanufactured commercial compressors and refrigeration compressors for emergencies.

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