3 confirmed benefits of buying a remanufactured compressor!

3 Confirmed Benefits of Buying a Remanufactured Compressor!

In almost every commercial or industrial site, the compressor is an integral part of the entire mechanism. If the compressor goes down, the whole system will not be able to operate in its full capacity. So, when it is time to change the compressor, the industry owner looks out for options. And, this is when they come across options like Refurbished compressors or remanufactured compressors. But, all of it should be of OEM standards. No matter what compressor part it is – Sabroe compressor parts, Grasso compressor part, Vilter compressor part, Marine compressor part, or ammonia and freon parts; everything has to be of high quality and premium OEM standards. 

We at Jyoti Engineering Combine provide zero-defect compressor parts and reconditioned parts. However, you will be all confused about whether you should go for an entirely new compressor part or you should adhere to getting it refurbished. So, we are here with the benefits that you get if you go for refurbished compressors. 

Let’s look at them –

  1. Costing factors:

For obvious reasons, a brand new compressor will cost you a lot more than the refurbished ones. A remanufactured AC compressor will have a lower initial cost and will also meet the OEM. Unlike other suppliers at Jyoti Engineering Combine, we design and manufacture our own spares and compressors with unmatched quality. Plus, the warranty is provided. 

This allows you to knock at our doors at any time for a refurbish-service. 

We make sure that each and every compressor part is closely checked and that every component of your compressor is refurbished, and the worn-out ones are exchanged with a new spare part. 

The testing includes rods, pistons, valve plates, stator, compressor casting, cylinder walls, refrigerants, and the crankshaft. We also look out for the loosened parts (bearings, rings, seals, and valves) so that your compressor can be as good as new again. We replace any items that fail to meet the standards. 

  1. Quality factors:

Yes, the new compressor doesn’t have to go through the testing process, but the refurbished compressor will go through a lot of factors. It is not because it has some fault, but to check whether it can undergo the pressure in your industry and meet the OEM standards. Before being released for your industrial use, the refurbished compressors are checked and are also run for any leakage, any wearing or tearing. Plus, the compressor is refilled with the refrigerant – ammonia or freon. Jyoti Engineering Combine guarantees that all of the refurbished & refrigeration compressor parts or compressor is according to the OEM specifications. 

  1. A good greener option:

By going for refurbished compressor parts or a compressor, you are opting for a greener option! Yes, you are doing good as using some recycled or refurbished components prevents industrial waste or scrap. Also, it extends the life of your compressor by multifold; i.e., it limits the chances of getting a new compressor (which is pricey!) for a long time. 

So, these are the benefits that you get if you go for a refurbished compressor. The increasing complexity of marine/cold room storage/ or any industrial use requires us to shift to an option that offers – quality, cost-effectiveness, and durability all in one go. 

Jyoti engineering combines with an experience of 35+ years and delivering about 10+ million zero-defect spare parts worldwide, make sure that before delivering the compressor to you, it goes through a rigorous and precise remanufacturing process. We deal in industries like petrochemical and marine, and even cold storage. You can contact us for a service of your choice and you can also view our entire product range including zero-defect compressor parts and reconditioned compressor parts

We are a global leader in providing energy-efficient, customer-centric solutions that meet every unique compressor requirement. 

Want to get yourself a refurbished compressor? Want your compressor to be as good as new again?

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