This New Year Don't Pay Hefty Money For Compressors

This New Year Don’t Pay Hefty Money For Compressors

New Year celebration is here, you might be shopping for everything, and now is the right time to check every item in your industry whether they are working adequately or not. And, if you acknowledge any issues in the compressor of your industry, then it is time to invest in getting your compressor refurbished. 

New Year Calls For ‘As Good As New Compressor’!

Don’t invest or pay a hefty amount for a new compressor this New Year, when you can tame the issue and get it done at just no price. We at Jyoti Engineering Combine are ready to assist with your compressor requirements with our skilled workforce who are pioneers in finding and solving the issue that your compressor parts might be facing. 

Jyoti Engineering Combine’s Refurbished Compressors –

When a compressor comes for the refurbish service, irrespective of what compressor it is, whether it is the air conditioning or the refrigeration compressor, each and every part is closely observed. 

It is cleaned, repaired, or partially rebuilt to meet the OEM standards and also to make sure that it tolerates the forces. By close observation, it is noticed whether the component can be repaired or requires rebuilt or some of the parts can be replaced. As a result, the entire compressor or compressor parts go through a quality control process to notice whether it will work or not and also the new parts are checked under different degrees to see if they can survive. 

How was the entire refurbish process carried out?

To check whether the compressor will fail at high friction, each and every compressor part plays an important role in the process. The increased complexities and the increased working according to the ongoing procedural requirement of the compressor, makes it important to check on the remanufacturing process. 

Jyoti engineering combine gives back the compressor or the compressor parts as good as new!

How do we do it?

We follow an entire procedure to remanufacture the compressor, look at the following to zoom into our procedure –

  • Checking of the parts closely – 
  • First, after receiving the compressor, we disassemble it to bare. Showcasing each of the castings, and inspecting them closely for any defects or cracks. If the castings are in a good condition, then it is fine, otherwise, it is treated for improvement and actually put up a new part if it is dismantled. 
  • The crankshafts and all the critical air conditioning and refrigeration vilter compressor parts including bearings, seals, pistons, rings, and every valve are properly checked and if there is any breakage then it is replaced with new items. 
  • The crankshafts, pistons, rods and liners are also cleaned and checked to ensure smooth functioning. 

Everything is met with the OEM standards. If a part is not upto the OEM standard and tolerances, it is discarded and replaced. 

  • Proper oiling:

Each of the compressor parts is oiled for smooth functioning! The oil pump is also inspected, upgraded, and tested to ensure that pressure and flow are well-greased. 

  • Freon and ammonia check:

These gases are important as they help in the cooling process. During the remanufacturing, we check the refrigerant and ensure that they are present in the right amount. Every compressor unit needs refrigerant to cool the air, and if the coolant leaks, the compressor will stop helping in the cooling process. 

  • Proper assembly of all the parts:

The compressor is reassembled ensuring that all the bolts and nuts are well-placed and well-tightened. Our skilled team and assembly technician repairs and looks closely for any leaks identified during the test, and ultimately tame them, and make it fine. 

So, instead of splurging all of your money into buying an exclusive compressor again for your industry, bring it to us, and get a refurbished compressor – as good as new. We have mastered an exclusive re-engineering process that replicates the performance of a new factory compressor at the most economical price, and in all it is quality-driven. All of our re-manufactured and refrigeration compressors parts are fitted with new crankshafts and standard OEM quality parts.

Get yours now with JEC. 

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