What is Cylinder Honing & Why Do You Need It?

What is Cylinder Honing & Why Do You Need It?

The most asked questions this year are – What is cylinder honing? Is cylinder honing important? But, before we begin with the cylinder honing and the entire process, let’s know closely about the cylinder in compressors. 

Maybe you have read that the cylinders in the compressor have an importance that cannot go unnoticed! More importantly, if you dive into the Refrigeration compressor parts and its industrial use, you must know that prepping your cylinder is a critical part of the entire compressor process. 

Cylinders are pressure vessels that have the gas that has to be compressed.

And, these are one of the most important components of a compressor. Cylinders are made of cast iron. It can be easily removed from the primary frame of the compressor. Also, there is a compressor cylinder made of steel that is directly attached to the main body. 

What is the function of the cylinder?

There are various things that a cylinder does –

  • Cylinders support the discharge valve plates and suction. 
  • The primary function of it is in reciprocating compressors to cool the temperature of the machine. It is because, during the compression cycle, the compressor gets heated.

What is honing?

Honing is the process that provides the final sizing and helps in creating the desired finish pattern on the interior of the cylinder. The cylinder’s finishing is done masterfully by grinding stones of suitable grit and quality against the surface. 

Honing provides a rounder cylinder that is consistent with micro-finish. It allows the piston ring to seal more tightly and securely against the cylinder. It stops the extra oil from going downstream. 

Importance of cylinder honing

No matter what, cylinder honing is a process that one must do. We at Jyoti Engineering Combine, make sure that when we receive a compressor for refurbishing, we send it back, as good as new by doing all the needful including honing of the cylinder. 

What happens if you don’t hone your cylinder?

If you don’t let the compressor’s cylinder undergo honing, it will wear out the rings and also will let the oil sieve to the other parts. 

So, this was all about the cylinder honing and how it is essential. Jyoti Engineering Combine (JEC) provides a wide range of products including spare parts for refrigeration compressors like Grasso, Sabroe, York, Carrier, Carlyle, Copeland, Bitzer, Daikin, Trane, and Kirloskar. Some of the other compressor parts that we offer are – 

Crankshafts, Cylinder Liners, Piston Assemblies, Connecting Rods, Bearing Bushes, Valve Plates, Valve Reeds, Spring Plates, and many more that you can find under our ‘Products’ tab above. We are a global leader in providing energy-efficient, customer-centric solutions that meet every unique compressor requirements, and not only this; we have been in the industry for more than three decades. We have by far supplied genuine replacement parts and refurbished compressors not only locally but also globally. 

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