A Remanufactured Sabroe Reciprocating Compressor: What You Need to Know

The Remanufactured Sabroe compressors refer to pre-owned compressors that have undergone an extensive process of rebuilding and refurbishing to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s standards. In this blog article, we will delve into the remanufacturing procedure and explore the advantages of utilizing a refurbished Sabroe compressor.

The compressor stands as the vital core of any commercial HVAC or refrigeration system, characterized by its sophisticated and substantial nature, requiring consistent maintenance to ensure long-term efficiency. Without the presence of a functioning compressor, the refrigerant gas cannot be elevated to the necessary pressure and will fail to flow throughout the remaining system. Thus, the breakdown of any key component within your business HVAC or industrial refrigerator spells trouble, as everything comes to a standstill when the compressor malfunctions. Even if all other components are in working order, they will remain idle without the compressor’s operation.

The ability to promptly replace a faulty compressor with a new one can make a substantial difference during emergencies. This is often the initial introduction that facilities managers have to the concept of utilizing a remanufactured commercial compressor.

A remanufactured Sabroe reciprocating compressor undergoes a meticulous disassembly process, allowing for a comprehensive inspection of all its components. Any damaged parts are promptly replaced. Furthermore, both the exterior and interior of the compressor undergo a thorough cleaning, with the possibility of a fresh coat of paint applied to the outer surface. Typically, the compressor is put through a load testing procedure before being made available for sale, ensuring its readiness for long-term operation.

These measures effectively mitigate or eliminate potential risks, including:

• Compressors failing to operate when initially introduced to a new operating environment.

• Failure of small and relatively basic mechanical components leading to compressor shutdown.

• Compressors failing to meet performance criteria or perform as intended over the expected lifespan of 8-10 years.

Such catastrophic scenarios frequently arise when customers purchase compressors that are neither new nor remanufactured. Certain resellers focus solely on superficial aspects like cleaning and repainting the compressor, neglecting the presence of broken components that may wreak havoc in the near future.

Now, let’s understand the primary advantages of utilizing a Remanufactured Sabroe reciprocating compressor:

Consistent Performance

The foremost reason for investing in a remanufactured compressor lies in its reliability. There is no value in acquiring equipment that will fail within a short span of two, three, or four years. When you engage with a professional remanufacturing company, you gain the assurance of a team that takes responsibility for their work. Remanufactured items often come with warranties, allowing you to focus on your core activities while minimizing unexpected surprises.

Cost Savings

It is no secret that brand-new OEM compressors come with a hefty price tag. These massive and intricate pieces of equipment often rank among the most expensive purchases in a given year. However, by opting for a remanufactured compressor, you can save a significant percentage, ranging from 20% to 40% off the original price, compared to dealing with certified OEM wholesalers. Additionally, the shipping costs associated with a new compressor can be reduced, especially if your remanufacturer operates within the same region or collaborates with top-notch logistics companies, ensuring the most cost-effective delivery to your doorstep.

Reduced Turnaround Time

One of the limitations of the traditional compressor supply chain lies in the time required to obtain a replacement unit. Typically, new compressors are sourced through the OEM’s designated distributor, resulting in delays of several months between placing an order and receiving the unit. Remanufacturing processes can significantly reduce installation time, cutting it down by weeks, ranging from two to six weeks, depending on various factors.

Long-Term Partnership

Your connection with remanufacturing technicians extends beyond the warranty period. You can benefit from expert advice on optimal compressor maintenance procedures, which is crucial for maximizing the value and lifespan of your compressor. Even if you have an in-house maintenance team, having a second opinion can prove valuable.

Disaster Preparedness

Encountering remanufactured compressors in the event of an unexpected failure is quite rare. However, with a trusted remanufacturer by your side, you can alleviate any concerns. By leveraging your existing connection, you can save significant amounts in terms of missed revenue and potential business opportunities. Moreover, you gain assistance in identifying any issues that may be shortening the service life of your compressors.

In conclusion, if you are seeking a reliable compressor solution, consider the benefits of a remanufactured Sabroe reciprocating compressor. With its meticulous refurbishing process, commitment to quality, and cost-saving advantages, it presents a compelling option for businesses in need of reliable and efficient HVAC and refrigeration systems. Embrace the advantages of remanufactured compressors and establish a fruitful, long-term partnership that prioritizes performance and reliability.

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