Bitzer GE Remanufactured Compressors

Bitzer GE Remanufactured Compressors – Perfect for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is challenging with not much room for errors. The regulations governing the safe handling of meat, dairy, and other goods are stringent. If refrigeration is interrupted for a few minutes, items may get too warm and must be rejected.

A few degrees of temperature change for a few minutes will not affect most items. Leaders, however, cannot afford to turn a blind eye when human health is at stake. Minor issues with your business compressors might result in the loss of money in goods. Of course, knowing about these issues is preferable to being blindsided by them. It’s much better if you can prevent them in the first place. The top commercial compressors in the market are necessary to assure 100% adherence to specified temperatures.

The majority of commercial refrigerators operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Maintenance is performed in a regulated manner in which seconds count. If an issue emerges, you must be able to fix it quickly.

Keeping all of this in mind, each industrial refrigeration system needs a contemporary and dependable compressor. When replacing an existing compressor, it’s critical to choose the same make and model that was previously in operation. When it comes to considering alternatives, selecting the correct brand makes a significant impact.

While there are several respectable commercial refrigeration compressor manufacturers, Bitzer has earned a reputation for itself in grocery shops, convenience supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and even corporate campuses where food is served. The Bitzer GE compressor is one of the top models on that list.

A Bitzer GE commercial compressor will deliver the dependable, long-lasting service you want.

The Bitzer GE compressor is as follows:

Excellent for Commercial Refrigeration

Bitzer has generations of expertise and offerings. The Bitzer GE compressor outperforms any equivalent compressor from another manufacturer. You’ll have peace of mind when you choose Bitzer, regardless of the size of your system or the temperatures it’s designed to withstand.

A High-Efficiency Compressor

Bitzer’s distinctive strengths include efficiency. A Bitzer compressor will frequently consume 10% less energy than a competitive compressor. Bitzer may help you reduce your costs of ownership while still meeting your environmental objectives.

Compressor with Semi-Hermetic Seal

When you want to get the full eight to ten years out of any item, you must be able to successfully maintain it. The semi-hermetic design allows you to readily access the compressor and motor for easy maintenance.

Compressor with consistent performance

While there are numerous alternatives to the traditional reciprocating compressor, none has the same tremendous track record of consistent and trustworthy performance. A reciprocating compressor offers several advantages when combined with a semi-hermetic design, including size and cost.


Sometimes the best things come in little packages. The capacity to pack power into a smaller area is one of the clear advantages of using a reciprocating industrial compressor. You’ll have additional alternatives for where you may place your compressor in your workplace.

A remanufactured compressor increases the value of your Bitzer purchase. With today’s supply chain problems, it’s not uncommon to have to wait months for a brand-new compressor from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. Remanufacturing allows you to bypass the line and receive your compressor sooner, generally at a significant savings. This enhances the value promise of the Bitzer GE.

Before the device is tested, a real remanufactured compressor has been properly dismantled and cleaned, with all necessary repairs and Bitzer compressor parts. This restores it to all applicable performance and environmental criteria for the next eight-ten years of operation, making it worthy purchase. The Bitzer compressor is ideal for any industrial application requiring high pressure and limited operating times.

Accredited by ICRA, ISO 9001:2015, and UGAC, JEC is a preferred choice of many for Bitzer compressors and Bitzer compressor parts. To place an order, dial +91 98210 20375 or +91 22 675 86605/06/07. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or [email protected] or fill out the form on the website.

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