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Carlyle Compressors: Understanding the Types

Carlyle compressor part

Carlyle compressors parts have diverse applications. HVAC and refrigeration industries rely on Carlyle Compressors’ unique capabilities to deliver excellent performance. Primarily, there are two major models of this compressor:

  • reciprocating model
  • screw model

There’s an ongoing debate on which model operates best. However, both types provide superior performance and high-quality work. Carlyle is a leading brand that manufactures the reciprocating model as well as the screw model.

We, at JEC, manufacture and supply their spare parts. If any part of your current Carlyle compressor parts breaks down, we can get it replaced within a day. Apart from that, we also offer refurbished Carlyle compressors to our customers.

In this blog post, we will understand each model in detail:

Carlyle Screw Compressors

This high-performance equipment is known for exceptional cooling capacity. Carlyle screw compressors are designed to last over long service lines. Even though all Carlyle compressors are efficient and reliable, these stand out in their ability to suppress noise.

Unlike their reciprocating counterparts, screw compressors like The Paragon series are much quieter. Hence, if this feature is on your priority list, Carlyle screw compressors are the perfect choice for you.

Moving on to the next one, we have:

Carlyle Reciprocating Compressors

They also go by the name of piston compressors. Carlyle reciprocating compressors have a relatively simplistic construction.

They are designed for the suction as well as compression of the refrigerant (the gas used in cooling devices), which they accomplish using discharge valves, cylinders, and pistons. The primary reason why these compressors are noisier compared to screw compressors is the use of pistons.

Under Carlyle reciprocating compressors, you get two models:

  • hermetic
  • semi-hermetic

Introduced in the 1960s, the semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor is arguably the most successful line by Carlyle. Over many decades, this compressor has built its reputation for significantly minimizing the risk of refrigerant leakage.

Hence, when buying a refurbished semi-hermetic Carlyle reciprocating compressor or Carlyle compressor parts, you can be assured of safety.

The compressor case tucks the motor safely, preventing a major leakage of refrigerant.

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