Carrier Reciprocating Compressors: The Best Marine Compressor

The use of remanufactured Carrier compressor in reefer containers is gaining traction within the shipping industry. This is due to the savings in capital, maintenance, and operating expenses that remanufactured compressors offer.

Reefer containers are the workhorses of the refrigerated food industry. They keep food fresh and cool for the long haul. Their cooling systems are typically made up of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and receiver-dryer. The Carrier reciprocating compressor used in the system is a key component in the efficiency of the reefer.

Let’s dive deep into the role of remanufactured Carrier compressors in the shipping industry.

Benefits of Remanufactured Compressors in Marine Shipping

Listed below are the major advantages of using remanufactured Carrier reciprocating compressors:

1.   Reduced Cost

Shipping is a vital part of the global economy. The world’s largest shipping companies are responsible for transporting billions of tons of cargo via sea every year. And they are increasingly turning to remanufactured compressors to avoid spoilage of their precious cargo.

One of the major benefits is that remanufactured Carrier compressors are significantly cheaper than new compressors. These compressors are built to the same specifications as the OEM manufacturer and are a fraction of the price. Remanufactured Carrier compressors are also less expensive to maintain.

2.   Increased Efficiency

The marine shipping industry is responsible for a large percentage of the world’s trade, and as such, it is important that they are able to operate as efficiently as possible. One way to do this is by using remanufactured Carrier reciprocating compressors.

These compressors are able to reduce the amount of power that is needed to run the machinery on the ship, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. The increased fuel efficiency also leads to lower emissions, which is good for the planet and the people living on it.

3.   Improved Longevity

If you own a reefer container system, then you know that the life expectancy of the system is typically less than 10 years. However, with the use of remanufactured compressors, you can extend the life of your reefer container system.

Remanufactured Carrier compressors are not only cost-effective but also have the same reliable performance as brand new compressors. These compressors are designed for longevity, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years to come.

With so many different sizes available, you can be sure to find the right Carrier reciprocating compressor for your shipping container.

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