Commercial compressor failure – a nightmare

There’s a strong chance that a sizable portion of your business depends on your commercial HVAC system or refrigeration system. An unexpected compressor failure is a nightmare for any business which may result in high expenses with a significant operations loss.

Loss of Commercial Refrigeration Could Have High Costs

Commercial refrigeration users are in the most difficult position when it comes to maintaining their equipment. The majority of refrigeration is used for perishable food items. Even a small temperature increase of these items may make them unfit for sale.

Naturally, perishable stock is sometimes written off even for little spoiling. For selling things that have been in contact with ordinary room temperature for even a little length of time, kitchens, restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores would be forced to throw it away due to strict food standards set by the government for health and safety of general public. Additionally, anyone seen bending the rules will have to face the possibility of legal consequence resulting in shutting down the business completely.

Whether it’s food or medicine that might be lost, a compressor failure can be a terrible disaster for any business. In only a few hours, the typical convenience shop or small supermarket store may incur hefty loss. It is far more challenging to predict prospective losses in the medical industry as it can result in fatality, litigation and damage to reputation of the entity.

Keep in mind that when your HVAC system isn’t working, the air circulation is also poor. That may make the atmosphere indoors appear even more oppressive. If one individual happens to be ill at the moment, it may even have serious consequences like spreading a viral disease throughout the building. In times like air borne diseases such as COVID 19 it has become a major threat to organizations. Many companies lack the capacity to sustain a loss for longer than a few days and might have shut down their business completely.

To avoid the worst-case scenario, it is better to be prepared with adequate contingency measures. Nobody likes to watch their company fall apart. Make sure you always have the appropriate compressor parts available on site for your business compressor units if your HVAC or refrigeration system is a key source of failure for your operations.

It’s hardly a stretch to argue that many essential parts only cost very minimal amount. Even if they are only a few pounds and a few inches wide, they will allow you to do a speedier field repair as opposed to having to replace a compressor that is beyond repair.

By keeping an extra compressor ready to go, you can expand on this idea.

Although purchasing a compressor requires a sizable investment, there are ways to make it affordable for your budget. You may acquire a remanufactured commercial compressor for a fraction of the price and receive the same durability, performance, and quality as a brand-new compressor.

To be put back in use, a commercial compressor that has been remanufactured must go through a engineering process and fulfill all the same performance and environmental standards as a compressor purchased from an OEM wholesaler. When compared to an OEM compressor, the reduction is frequently 30% or more, and fulfillment may be completed weeks sooner.

Like with any important facilities problem, being prepared in advance will help you avoid headaches later. You may work with a reputable compressor remanufacturer to make sure you have all the components your present compressor requires as well as a dependable replacement ready to go.

JEC is the best option to go if you want a remanufactured compressor of the highest caliber and without any flaws. In the industry of reconditioned compressors and their parts, JEC has built a remarkable name and level of trust over the course of its 35-year history. It’s no surprise that JEC has a market share of over 70% worldwide.

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