Why Remanufactured HVAC Compressor are preferred by Corporate Organisations

Why Remanufactured HVAC Compressor are preferred by Corporate Organisations

In the recent times, open plan offices have gained lot of popularity because they are thought to promote cooperation and good working environment in the workplace. Companies of all sizes have embraced the concept because open offices are easier to manage and provide a contemporary look and design.

Open workplaces are also mostly preferable in terms of ventilation, foot traffic, and general safety. Traditional Offices have airflow issues which also make them unhealthy for employees and workers While traditional offices have certain advantages, they must be planned from the beginning, along with the structure, to be genuinely effective. Too often, enclosed workplaces do not receive adequate service from the HVAC system to keep air moving as it should.

This has always been a source of concern, but it has gotten worse in the recent pandemic times. Even in the absence of a pandemic, workers who spend too much time in small, cramped offices have long been prone to many health problems. For a long time, this was known as “Sick Building Syndrome.” It describes sickness symptoms that appear and remain only during work.

While the cause of Sick Building Syndrome has been debated for years, many specialists believe it is caused mostly by indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can be 10 times that of outside air pollution. Your best line of protection against pollutants is a well-maintained business HVAC system. The HVAC system, backed by the proper equipment, including the best commercial compressor for the task, ensures appropriate air circulation throughout even the most complicated constructions. Regular maintenance inspections, particularly on air filters, assist to guarantee good airflow.

Overall, open workspaces have a considerable benefit in terms of indoor air quality. Open Offices Can Have Better Airflow with Remanufactured Compressor Technology because open offices feature a big, concentrated space, there are fewer hallways and side rooms that can become HVAC “dead zones” where insufficient air flows. Cubicles, unlike solid walls, do not obstruct the movement of air. They may also be re-oriented to generate new airways and impact flow.

The compressor is the HVAC system’s heart, performing the critical mechanical labour that keeps it running. Keeping this in mind, overworking a compressor might cause it to fail prematurely, putting the system to a standstill. A remanufactured compressor will last for 8-10 years, exactly like a new OEM one.

A remanufactured commercial compressor meets or exceeds all OEM performance criteria while costing a fraction of the price and taking considerably less time to install. Building managers can keep emergency spares on hand or improve airflow by distributing work among many compressors.

Significant open offices and corporate houses choose refurbished compressors in large numbers due to greater flexibility in scheduling and budget. If you make a few changes around the workplace, you may improve the performance of your remanufactured compressor even more. Let’s take a look at some of the top open workplace design ideas:

1. Set your Office to its appropriate ideal temperature

The optimal workplace temperature has traditionally been thought to be around 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this wisdom is from a previous era, when it was normal for office workers to dress in many layers. According to Cornell University studies, the optimal workplace temperature is presently 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Make use of a compressor that is designed for partial load (unloading) operation or modulation.

When it comes to sophisticated performance with inbuilt unloading or modulation capabilities, Copeland compressors are unrivalled. The compressor unit adjusts its output in response to small atmospheric changes and system load over time. This enables for the lowest possible power output to get the necessary effects. Even with extremely low or extremely high occupancy, efficiency remains great.

A compressor with unloading capability also provides higher temperature and relative humidity constancy. This keeps employees more comfortable in all weather conditions.

3. Make use of a smart thermostat or smart building system.

A smart thermostat improves your ability to meet airflow targets while lowering compressor effort. Depending on your HVAC system, you may be able to utilise your smart thermostat to set up separate temperature zones, measure energy use accurately, and satisfy environmental criteria.

When it comes to excellent HVAC performance, the compressor is crucial. Choose a refurbished compressor for your open office to make it function for you at a lesser cost and faster procurement time.

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