Top Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Compressor

Without compressors, there would be no HVAC systems. It’s the job of a Carrier compressor to pressurize the system and keep the refrigerant running in good condition. With most compressors, you get a 10-year warranty.

However, they need timely maintenance or replacement of Carrier compressor parts to be able to function optimally for these many years.

Regular wear and tear can cause your compressor to die prematurely, which is why you need to recognize when it’s time for potential replacement or repair.

Listed below are the top signs that you need to change your Carrier compressor or its parts:

1.    Loud Noises

Without a doubt, noise is the most noticeable sign of compressor failure. A Carrier compressor is made of several internal components. In the event that any of these components break, loud noises are likely to be produced consequently.

Apart from that, these high-pitched grinding or squealing noises can also arise when the internal bearings fail due to wear and tear.

Because of how these compressors are assembled, replacing the entire Carrier compressor with a refurbished one is a better choice than attempting a repair.

Even if you want to attempt a repair, always take a professional’s help who knows the ins and outs of Carrier compressor parts.

2.    Higher Than Normal Temperature

This is one of the tell-tale signs of compressor failure. If your HVAC system is no longer able to cool your space as it once did, it’s highly likely that your existing compressor is at fault.

Again, this sign is easily noticeable since you would feel hotter despite the lower temperature settings. It tells you that your failing compressor is no longer able to regulate the flow of the refrigerant in the HVAC system.

3.    Diminished Airflow

Another important indicator that it’s time to replace your Carrier compressor parts is diminished airflow. More often than not, this turns out to be an early sign of a potential failure. In such a case, you may notice a diminished airflow from the vents.

It’s possible that you may hear the sound of your HVAC system running but still notice diminished or no airflow at all. To confirm your suspicion, call an HVAC professional. If that’s indeed the case, contacting a Carrier compressor parts manufacturer is the right choice.

4.    Burned-Out Motor

A burned-out motor usually contaminates the complete HVAC system. An HVAC professional employs a lengthy clean-up procedure to remove any moisture or acid in the system. You may have to replace line filter dryers to eliminate any excess acid/moisture.

If the problem persists, you will have to completely replace the compressor.

5.    Leaking Moisture

If the coils are dirty or clogged, it can cause water leakage. When the compressor has gone bad, it may even leak the refrigerant. This in turn poses health risks in the form of irritated eyes, nausea, headaches, or cough if you come in contact with the leaked refrigerant.

This is why a leak should be immediately addressed and dealt with. Failing to do so can result in complete failure of the Carrier compressor.

Finding out the root cause of compressor failure will help you determine the right time to replace your Carrier compressor parts.

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