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What Makes Carrier Compressors Superior?

The performance of an HVAC system is determined by the compressor that runs it. And when we talk about the best high-performing compressors on the planet, nothing beats the Carrier compressor. 

Why? Their proven reliability is why they are even used in marine & offshore applications. When on the seas, one needs the most efficient, advanced, and robust breed of compressors, and Carrier compressors meet all of those criteria.  

Used in a ton of other applications, Carrier compressor parts are also known for being the most energy-efficient amongst most other brands out there. The best part is, they are quite affordable. 

Listed below are the other reasons why you should choose Carrier compressors:

  1. Compatibility with Most Refrigerants

Refrigerant is a type of gas used to cool the surrounding air. Carrier compressor parts are highly compatible with all kinds of refrigerants – the ones that have been used for decades as well as the new eco-friendly alternatives. 

So, when you replace the obsolete refrigerants types with the ones that meet the latest environmental standards, you won’t have to worry whether or not your compressor is compatible. 

  1. Unmatched Efficiency 

The exterior mounted motor in Carrier compressors ensures that the efficiency of the whole system is maximized. When you invest in these compressors, you do so with the promise of unmatched reliability and unprecedented performance. 

What’s more, Carrier compressor parts work exceptionally well across a wide range of temperatures. So, you don’t have to worry about your HVAC system breaking down when operating temperatures shift. 

And thanks to the engineering expertise of the manufacturer, the seal leakage is minimized using a two-piece shaft seal unit. What that does is reduce maintenance costs as well as extend service life. 

  1. Long-lasting Performance

Most commercial compressors last no longer than 7-10 years. Even so, as the compressor gets older, its performance degrades over time. But such is not the case with Carrier compressors. 

Owing to features like an oil filtration system, automatic pressure regulator, and large-capacity oil pump, you can rest assured that your compressor will give you optimal performance even during the later stages of its service life. 

That will give you enough time to figure out your compressor replacement strategy. 

Now, the question arises – where can you get a refurbished Carrier compressor or Carrier compressor parts?

Check out JEC! 

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If you’re looking for Carrier compressor parts of the highest workmanship standards, JEC is your one-stop shop for all things compressors. You can eliminate expensive product downtime by purchasing zero-defect compressor parts from JEC. 

They have led the compressors industry for more than three decades. They manufacture refurbished compressors as well as compressor parts of many leading companies, including Carrier, Kirloskar, Copeland, Bitzer, Voltas, and more. 

If you wish to place an order, call +91 9821020357 or +91 22 67586605 / 06 / 07. Alternatively, you may drop an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Filling this form on JEC’s website will also get you a quick response from their team. 

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