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Role of Industrial Refrigeration Compressor in Food & Beverages Industry

The importance of refrigeration compressors in the food and drink industry cannot be overstated. There are a number of steps involved in the manufacturing process that require the use of compressed air, including air filtration, pumping fluids, packaging movement, and food mixing. 

Filtration and packaging

Air filtration and packaging movement are the two most important applications of industrial refrigeration compressors in the food & beverages industry. Creating sanitary food products is imperative for a business to avoid liability and preserve customer health. 

Hence, it’s extremely important that you use industrial refrigeration compressors of the highest standards in food manufacturing environments. 

For instance, if your ready-to-eat package gets contaminated with bacteria or dirt in the surroundings, it will travel along the supply chain – straight to your customers. Working with a sub-standard compressor is therefore harmful to both your customers and business. 

Refrigerated transport

The demand for frozen food has been rising steadily over the years. Some estimates put the growth rate of this popular food sector at 4.1% through the end of 2026. Naturally, the demand for refrigerated transport has also shot up. 

It occupies nearly 11% of the entire refrigeration compressor market. Using high-quality industrial refrigeration compressors, businesses can minimize food waste. The expansion of highways and growing cross-continent transport links are also facilitating the use of refrigerated transport in both emerging and developed nations. 

Strict hygiene regulations

Using premium industrial refrigeration compressors is vital to ensure compliance with the latest hygiene regulations. Manufacturers in the food and beverages industry need to protect their reputation at all costs by incorporating modern technology and adhering to legal regulations. 

Refrigeration compressors help you rest assured that your product (food/drink) remains contaminant-free at all times. Understandably, food and drink facilities are known to have tight budgets quite often, yet you can’t afford to skimp on the quality of the industrial refrigeration compressors. 

Other applications

There are many other applications of a food-grade industrial refrigeration compressor, including:

  • Freeze products
  • Some forms of air compressors also help cut fruits and vegetables
  • Create packaging with the help of blow-molding
  • Clean containers 
  • Sort and move products through a process line 

You’d need to consult an expert compressor manufacturer like JEC to understand what type of industrial refrigeration compressor would be suitable for your business requirements. 

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