5 Features Of Mycom Compressor Parts

5 Features Of Mycom Compressor Parts

Mycom compressor parts have been in the industry for the longest, and it is because of the quality and efficiency they provide. Mayekawa’s history began about a century ago, and the company was founded in 1924. They have built compressors since then, and have known by their name ‘Mycom’. Not only this, their compressors have received high acclaim for their technological strength and reliability. 

The Mycom compressor parts – Mycom L compressor parts, Mycom A compressor parts, Mycom B parts, and other model parts, are being largely used by the food industry, beverage industry, cold storage industry, oil & gas, gas compression, refrigeration industry, and chemical industry. Every industry that requires extreme durability for critical industry working. 

We at Jyoti Engineering Combine deal in all the types of the compressor – Grasso, Carrier, Sabroe, Mycom, and many more compressor parts. So, if you are wondering what are features that Mycom compressor parts hold for you, then you can read them below –

  1. Capacity control:

Looking out for a compressor that can run with appropriate load across a wide range of operating conditions? Then, look no further, Mycom compressor comes with capacity control; so you can adjust the capacity from 10% to 100%. With them, you get high-efficiency operation! 

So, depending on the requirement, you can control the capacity for the best result. 

  1. Low noise, low vibration:

Unlike conventional reciprocating compressors or the centrifugal compressors, the screw compressors from Mycom have no motion reciprocal or high rotation speeds. Hence, they make far less vibration and noise. Expect less noise and vibration with the screw compressors from Mycom by Jyoti Engineering Combine. 

  1. High efficiency, high performance:

During the gas compression process in the Mycom screw compressor, lube oil is injected. This is to provide lubrication to casing, rotors, also it minimizes gas leakage and to cool the gas. With the discharge temperature being lower, higher volumetric efficiency is achieved. 

So, you get the best of both worlds! 

  1. Matching industry standards:

All the compressor parts and compressors at Jyoti Engineering Combine go through a stringent procedure for quality check and durability. After the entire procedure, we come up with the product range that satiates OEM standards. 

This was all about the Mycom compressor parts and their features! 

With 35+ years of excellence in providing quality products to our clients, we have achieved heights! Not only this, we are constantly updating the technology to meet premium quality and to adhere to the constantly changing needs of industries.

We excel in empowering refrigeration, air conditioning, marine, and other industries 

compressor spares all over the world. We are a part of almost 70% of exports. 

For more information, contact us. 

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