Importance of OEM standard for compressor parts!

Importance of OEM Standard for Compressor Parts!

You would have always heard about checking on the OEM standards while selecting the best compressor for your industrial system. But, why? OEM or original equipment manufacturing plays an important role in understanding the quality and the life of a compressor. Be it a marine compressor or even the compressor parts, checking up on the OEM is critical to the life of your compressor. 

It will give you an understanding about the parts being genuine and also meeting the specifications that is required for a smooth working of the system. We at Jyoti Engineering Combine make sure that every compressor part meets the OEM standards and you enjoy a good production. Though the compressor parts meeting OEM standards are a bit more expensive than the regular ones, they serve you the longest which ultimately saves a lot of service cost. And, with Jyoti Engineering Combine, it becomes easy to find the OEM parts. We have in-house manufacturing and meet the requirements and standard without any hustle! 

Coming back to the title, why you must go for the OEM compressor parts, here are the reasons –

  1. Cost:

Can you afford to let your compressor go down or not function for a day? No? Right? Well, the compressor and its parts play a crucial role in the system and it can affect the system if it goes down. So, it is important that even if OEM standard compressor parts cost a little more, they are engineered to be an exact replacement of the original part and will never affect the entire system. Using them will ensure that your expectations are met!

  1. Warranty:

OEM compressor parts are entirely covered! With the cost, you get a year warranty! Yes, we at Jyoti Engineering Combine also provide warranty for the OEM compressor parts. This prolongs the life of a compressor and gives you confidence that even if the compressor goes down in the worst case, you are all covered with the warranty. 

  1. Superb quality:

OEM parts work exactly as the one you are replacing. The OEM standards means that the compressor parts have gone through a strict procedure to provide a high quality and good functioning. The compressor parts give you the same familiarity and performance similar to the original part. The other brands might not work correctly and be of low quality and you might not know about the manufacturing practices followed. And, this is why you must always go for OEM compressor parts. 

OEM standard ensures that the compressor parts match the specification of the original machine design and the top-notch quality required for smooth functioning!

  1. Available with only the best manufacturers:

OEM compressor parts are found only at the best manufacturers! Jyoti Engineering Combine, we have over 8000 spare parts ready to cater to your urgent or immediate requirements. And, all of these match OEM standards. 

These were some of the major and strong reasons that you must go for an OEM standard compressor part rather than jeopardizing your industry system with faulty and fake compressor parts. 

Jyoti engineering combine is a client-focused, and a worldwide leader manufacturer of aftermarket compressor parts of industrial refrigeration and refurbished compressor parts. We have an experience of 35+ years, and we continually strive for improvement and efficiency in our methods so that we align well with the client requirements and also meet the industry-standards. You can find OEM compressor parts with us!

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