Somethings That You Must Know About Screw Compressors!

Somethings That You Must Know About Screw Compressors!

Screw compressors like Mycom Screw Compressor and Grasso Screw Compressor are available in two variants. The two basic designs are dry screw compressors or wet/oil-flooded screw compressors. 

Both types consist of rotors that are closely mated. The dry screw compressors don’t have any oil in-between the screws, these consist of two rotors that are installed in a tight clearance cylindrical bore. When purchasing a brand new screw compressor or being an owner of a Mycom compressor parts or Grasso one, some questions might strike your mind, and so we are here with the things that you must know about them. 

Let’s look at them –

What are screw compressors used for?

The rotary screw compressors are a type of displacement compressor that has rotating screws and their function is to compress air. It compresses the air without pulsation as it has high efficiency at full load and low efficiency when it is partially loaded. 

These types of compressors are commonly used in industrial applications to replace the traditional piston compressors. It is majorly used where larger volumes of compressed gas are required. For instance, it is used for refrigeration cycles such as chillers, or for compressed air systems. 

How does a screw compressor work?

It works around a basic principle – the male and female rotors are rotating in opposite directions as they draw air in between them. As the air progresses along with the rotors, the process of air compression starts and the volume space between the rotors decreases. The speed of the rotors is optimized accordingly. It is minimized to reduce the mechanical losses that may occur because of the heat at very high speed and volumetric loss that might occur due to air loss at very low speed. 

What oil to use to lubricate the screw compressor?

It is advised that you use compressor oil 68 for use in rotary vane and screw compressors. It is important to lubricate the screw compressor for smooth operation and so that it can function without any friction or turbulence. 

What if the screw compressor experiences an issue?

Under such circumstances, you should not be worried and lookout for an expert. At Jyoti Engineering Combine we provide services for Mycom Screw Compressor Repairs and Grasso Screw Compressor Repairs. You can reach out to us and we will make sure that each of the compressor parts is checked for repair services and if required we can shove in new parts. 

These were some of the things that you must know about screw compressors. Jyoti engineering combine is a client-focused and worldwide leading manufacturer of aftermarket compressor parts of industrial refrigeration and refurbished compressor parts. We have experience of 35+ years, and we continually strive for improvement and efficiency in our methods so that we align well with the client requirements and also meet the industry-standards. You can find OEM compressor parts with us!

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