All About The Bushing And Bearings

All About The Bushing And Bearings

The compressor’s smooth operation is not a no-brainer task because every compressor part has to be looked upon. When it is all about the smooth operation, you have either bush bearings or big end bearings. These components are designed to bear the stress of a machine’s parts and decrease or lessen the friction. It is essential because when rotating motion occurs or a thrust occurs, static energy can form which has to be reduced or not forwarded further for a satisfactory operation. 

The number of bearing options available for the compressor is almost limitless. But only bush bearings and big end bearings are considered for most of the compressor. Bushings and bearings have nearly the same function, and this is why it is difficult to select what favours your industry system the most. 

What is bush bearing?

Bush bearings are a supporting structure designed to bear all the stress, friction or load with its design!

The main function of this element in the compressor is to –

  1. It constrains relative motion between two compressor parts
  2. It reduces the friction between the moving parts. 

A plain bearing is also known as ‘Bushing’! It is a mechanical element used to reduce friction between rotating shafts and stationary support elements. 

How do bushing and bearing differ from each other?

Bearings have a different structure; it has two rings, separated by a set of tiny metal balls. The tiny metal balls roll along the indents between the two rings; this facilitates the movement of the inner and outer races. 

The tiny metal balls take it all on themselves by bearing the load of the rotation and allowing a smooth operation. On the other hand, bushings or a sleeve bearing are simply a tube of metal that enables relative motion by sliding. For instance, the bushings in an air compressor are pressure-lubricated. 

What are big end bearings?

Big end bearings are located at the big end of the connecting rod where it connects to the compressor’s crankshaft. 

Industrial class bush bearings and big end bearings ensure a long operating life to the compressor’s operation. The top-notch quality bearings will help your industry system to operate at a high intention with high pressure. Proper lubrication is required for the right and smooth functioning of bush bearing and big end bearing. 

Maintain the compressor’s bearings and bushing because –

Big end bearings and bush bearing fail prematurely if not taken care of issues like – inadequate lubrication, particulate, corrosive contamination, overload, and improper installation. If you want the compressor to work smoothly, then it is super-important for you to lubricate the bearings and go for a maintenance service. 

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