How Jyoti Engineering Combine Makes Unique Remanufactured Compressors?

Heavy-duty cooling and refrigeration have compressors as the main component and this makes remanufactured compressors the best choice for them. Why? Solely because of the reason that they are a great investment for any business and also as they have great quality and longevity compared to an all-new compressor.

If you are an owner of refrigeration or a part of any other machinery companies or brands, Jyoti Engineering Combine provides remanufactured compressors that excel in quality than those re-manufactured by OEM. Although a remanufactured compressor parts will not be a new one, it restores it to a new version.

Our skilled remanufacturing team meticulously remanufactures the compressors. Coming back to the title, let us guide you through how we make a difference in the remanufactured compressors.

1. Premium Quality:

We ensure quality remanufactured compressors. We have been an active leader in compressor parts and reconditioned compressors. After the total disassembly and cleaning of incoming compressors, we abide by the following steps –

  • We throw out all of the defective parts. Everything that is destroyed or isn’t working efficiently is taken out. It can be anything without exception like bearing, rod, valve reed, cylinder ring, o-ring, and gasket. Every surviving part is then acquired and renewed and improved to the best quality. And, the destroyed ones are engineered well to perfection.

2. Stringent Quality Control:

All the parts that enter the remanufacturing process go through strict quality control before they are used. Our team of skilled technicians calibrate each part to fit within strict OEM-level and ICRA tolerances:

  • All the failing parts are discarded.
  • An effective quality control requirement takes place where every valve plate os reground to meet close tolerances.

3. Jyoti Engineering Combine Touch Gets you an Amazing Performance:

Our zero-defect policy has made us a great manufacturer in the compressor parts field, and this is because the compressor gets –

New bearings, new rods, new valve reeds, new cylinder rings, new gaskets, new washers, new oil seal assembly, and new oil pump. This way your old compressor is remanufactured and renewed to a better version.

4. Constant Improvement and Constant Executive-Level Examination:

We maintain and improvise our method of manufacturing to deliver premium quality. Our computer-aided inventory and remanufacturing assure each unit is accurately assembled to its unique, and ICRA/OEM -level specifications. And, not only we renew the parts that are inefficient but also we upgrade the performance during the remanufacturing process.

5. Load Performance Tests:

As already stated above the compressor goes through multiple stages of checking and quality control. Each under-load performance-tested compressor assures you of OEM-equal performance. These are even tested for pressure leaks.

As the best independent compressor remanufacturer, we take great pride in providing personalized services you can rely on. Hand over your compressors to us and savour the best service that provides quality over anything. With 35+ years of excellence in providing quality products to our clients, we have achieved the heights, and for premium quality and to adhere to the constantly changing needs we are constantly updating the technology.

We excel in empowering refrigeration compressor parts, air conditioning, marine, and other industries

compressor spares all over the world. We are a part of almost 70% of exports.

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