Semi-Hermetic Commercial Compressor: Save Money and Time with Right Spare Parts

You must have heard about or used hermetic compressors and how efficient they are for the environment, but what about semi-hermetic compressors?

Semi-hermetic compressors like Grasso compressors, and Sabroe compressors are just as good as hermetic compressors and have the same benefits, but do not use a hermetic seal. Semi-hermetic compressors use a metal seal instead, which is not as good as a hermetic seal, but still does a good job.

Why Do You Need Spare Parts?

If you have a semi-hermetic compressor, you know that the parts can wear out and need to be replaced. Some of those parts include gaskets, bearings, valve plates, unloaders, and piston rings. The benefits of getting spare parts for semi-hermetic compressors are endless. You will be able to save money and maximise the efficiency of your equipment.

Not to mention, minimal downtime for your business. Semi-hermetic compressors like Mycom and Sabroe compressors are often used in commercial refrigeration systems. They are designed for use in a wide range of applications, from the smallest home unit to large industrial applications.

Why Do You Need a Trusted Compressor Remanufacturer?

It is important to have a trusted commercial compressor remanufacturer like JEC to keep your business running smoothly. Compressors such as Grasso compressors and Sabroe compressors are an integral part of any business, and without a working one, your business could be at a standstill.

There are many benefits to having a trusted commercial semi-hermetic compressor remanufacturer, including lower costs, better warranties, and better customer service. 

The average person would not know what a reliable commercial compressor remanufacturer is. Trust the experts at our company to remanufacture your commercial compressor so that it can be used for years to come.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, combined with our unmatched customer service, make us the best remanufacturer for your semi-hermetic compressors.

Get Your Spare Parts Delivered Fast!

Do you want OEM quality semi-hermetic compressors or spare parts for your business, but don’t want to spend a fortune?

We have a wide selection of high-quality remanufactured compressors as well as spare parts for our customers. JEC takes great pride in our top-notch quality of refurbished compressors with UGAC, ISO 9001:2015, and ICRA certifications.

To get your hands on Sabroe compressor, Grasso compressor, or Mycom compressor, fill this form or drop an email to [email protected]/[email protected]. Alternatively, you can dial +91 22 67586605/ 06 / 07 or +91 9821020357.

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