When to Use Reciprocating Commercial Compressor

When it comes to a compressor, there are different types that you can use. A reciprocating commercial compressor is preferred when you are working in high-pressure environments. This type of compressor is able to withstand high pressure and is more durable than the other types.

A reciprocating compressor is a type of piston compressor that uses a reciprocating action to compress air. Reciprocating compressors such as Grasso compressors, Sabroe compressors, Carrier, Carlyle, Bitzer, Copeland  are preferred over rotary compressors as they are less expensive and require less maintenance, and have a smaller footprint.

When Are They Preferred?

Now that you know the significance of reciprocating commercial compressors like Grasso compressors and Sabroe compressors, Carrier, Carlyle, Bitzer, Copeland which has an excellent durability in high-pressure conditions, smaller footprint, and cost. Let’s dive more into situations when you can utilize them.

1.  Limited Hours of Use

The reciprocating compressor can be used in a variety of applications. It is a good option for refrigeration technicians to use in situations where they are not constantly running the compressor.

For example, it can be used to run the AC and keep the compressor off during peak hours. This is great for running the refrigeration system during the night when there is low demand.

2.  Smaller Space

The reciprocating compressor has been around for a long time and is still a popular choice among refrigeration technicians today. One of the reasons for this is the compressor’s simplicity. There are fewer components to work with, and it is less likely to break down.

And since it occupies a smaller footprint than screw compressors, you can use Grasso compressors and Sabroe compressors in limited spaces.

3.  Less Upfront Cost

Reciprocating compressors are less expensive to operate and maintain than other types of compressors. This is because they are much simpler, and therefore less expensive, to manufacture. They are also more efficient, which means they use less fuel.

Moreover, remanufactured reciprocating commercial compressors like Grasso compressors and Sabroe compressors are available at competitive prices, and they are guaranteed to work just as well as a brand new one.

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